Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shroud of Turin


With all that has been written about the  Shroud, I have discovered the truth, no other Man or woman has been able to photograph the true face i believe is Jesus Christ that came to me through my camera, from the shroud being shown on the abc1 Discovery channel  on the 23rd September 2010

On YouTube these are some of the people involved in Scientific observation and testing of the Shroud, Before the Real Face of Jesus was sent to me.

The Scientist's and Barry Schwortz with there Digital Cameras have not been able to produce a face from the shroud, like the face that came to me.

These People i have found on the Internet as being involved with or had some kind of interest in the Shroud, I do not know what role or capacity they had in the original shroud print or if they had any involvement at all.
 Albert Dreisbach Jr (Director - Atlanta Shroud Center), Dr. Daniel Scavone (Professor of Ancient History),
, Kenneth Stevenson (Author - Shroud and the Controversy), Professor John L.Brown (Electron Microscopist), Kevin Moran (Optical Engineer)

None of these people have contacted me, I believe because they are so professional in their field it might be embarrassing for them.

One company with a large web site on the Shroud of Turin, commercializing there site, producing images, of what they believe is Jesus,  look like painting's, or police identity photo's nothing like the face that came through my camera.

I condemn all those who believe they have a right to use Religion to impose their will over another, we should all believe Heavenly Father is the only Power in our universe, and billions of Universe's beyond, we should only believe in Heavenly Father. We should not force our will on others who don't believe as we do, our actions should be for the good of all people on earth, every one has a right to his and her beliefs so long as they are good. No one person should have the almighty right to force their will on another.

Far too long people have been oppressed, by dictators and those in power, to force their will on  others. 
Governments of all Nations should listen to the people who voted them in to power, to be a leader is not a right but a privilege, to serve the People.
I have many blogs on many subjects, some you might like others you might not, this is what I am and i like to expose the truth,  i can't  help it if i offend someone, I don't believe in bullshit, unlike many people who don't know what its like to tell the truth.
 Politicians are a prime example of bullshit, they should be setting an example for all to follow. 
Please look at this Blog site i just developed to expose the Treasonous Politicians in Australia, also what they are doing to destroy what was a great country and way of life. 
Suppressed Aussies  

Liars always get caught out as they don't remember what they have said, by telling the truth you always remember because it is like a picture in your mind, what would you gain by telling a lie, other than to try and cheat your fellow man, if every one told the truth it would be a better world.     

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