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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


The face you are about to see on this web site now proves the Authenticity of the Turin Shroud the cloth Jesus was wrapped in.

John P. Jackson shroud of Turin Research Project, still looking for the truth about the Shroud of Turin, all he needs to do is see this web site to see the Shrouds authenticity.

CNN feature 13:42 pm Feb. 25th 2015 The Shroud of Turin Authenticity, "Finding Jesus" 
The Shroud of Turin goes under the microscope in hopes to give scientists clues to its Authenticity, examining the Shroud featured on CNN 25th feb 2015 16:02pm

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Only true face of Jesus

Albert Flatman

Copyright (c)
To give a full explanation as to how I came to photograph the face what you see above.

I was watching a TV Program the Discovery Channel on ABC1, the documentary was about the Shroud of Turin, the cloth Jesus was wrapped in, something told me to take a photo, I grabbed my Camera and took  photos what you see above and below the cloth Jesus was wrapped in, then the Shroud  appeared and I took a photo of it as you also see below, and what came through my camera is the Image you see above.

I could not believe my eyes as a real face appeared on my camera and I had just taken a photo of the Shroud, to this day I cannot understand how this was possible.

Look closely and you can see, ABC1 on the TV screen, Discovery Channel and Producers Names,  they are  embedded into the TV Image. you can also see a reflection of  the florescent light from my living room embedded into the photo. 
This Image has never been seen before I photographed it.

The Media had nothing to do with producing this face above, they were only showing a documentary about the Shroud, as you see the Shroud Below. You can see embedded into all the photo's, ABC1 also the fluorescent light in my kitchen. 

 I believe this is the only true face of Jesus Christ, in existence, this face also proves the authenticity of the Shroud. 

September 23rd 2010

Monday, October 17, 2011

Jesus Christ as never seen on camera before

These Images below were taken with my camera,as I explained above, and the face I believe is Jesus Christ,  they are all from the shroud cloth, being shown on the Discovery Channel, abc1 is imbeded in every Image.  September 2010.  copyright (c)

Shroud Cloth I photographed on my tv
23rd September 2010

Shroud cloth I photographed on my tv
23rd September 2010

Shroud cloth I photographed on my tv
23rd September 2010

Saturday, September 24, 2011

From an Image to Only True face of Jesus Christ in the World

Copyright (c)
This face above I believe is Jesus Christ taken with my Olympus digital camera. Is Jesus Christ going to return? 

I believe this must be the only true face of Jesus Christ ever to be in existence, searching the net i have not found a life like face as the one above.

The original photo taken with my camera is in a safe place and the one above is a copy of the original, reduced in size, notice the blood shot eyes and bruised lip the original photo  is much clearer.

No other Photographer has been able to produce a face like this one above coming through the Shroud of Turin image below

Shroud of Turin

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shroud of Turin



On youtube these are some of the people involved in Scientific observation and testing of the Shroud, Before the Real Face of Jesus was sent to me.

 Albert Dreisbach Jr (Director - Atlanta Shroud Center), Dr. Daniel Scavone (Professor of Ancient History),
Barry Schwortz (Shroud Documenting Photographer) , Keneth Stevenson (Author - Shroud and the Controversy), Professor John L.Brown (Electron Microscopist), Kevin Moran (Optical Engineer)

The Scientist's and Barry Schwortz with there Digital Cameras have not been able to produce a face from the shroud, like the face that came to me.

One company with a large web site on the Shroud of Turin, commercializing there site, producing faces, displaying images of what they believe is Jesus,  look like painting's, nothing like the face that came through my camera.

With all that has been written about the  Shroud, I have discovered the truth, no other Man or woman has been able to photograph the true face of Jesus that came to me through my camera, from the shroud.

The truth has finally arrived. there is no better truth than the face I believe is Jesus Christ you see on this web site.


I condemn all those who believe they have a right to use Religion to impose their will over another, we should all believe God is the only Power in our universe, and billions of Universe's beyond, we should only believe in God. We should not force our will on others who don't believe as we do, our actions should be for the good of all people on earth, every one has a right to his and her beliefs so long as they are good. No one person should have the almighty right to force their will on another. 
Far too long people have been oppressed, by dictators and those in power, to force their will on  others. 
Governments of all Nations should listen to the people who voted them in to power, to be a leader is not a right but a privilege, to serve the People.

Muslims are imposing evil through Islam, and Shariah Law is the devil in disguise.
Should you like to know more about me, please open this Web site about my Life.   
I have been called Ian so long as I can remember.

Message to the Ukraine people you are my biggest followers, don't give up, good thoughts and actions will overcome those who are evil, it is just a matter of time, I believe God will suppress the bloody minded who are trying to control the People, Dictatorship and evil in all its forms will eventually be destroyed.